It takes a lot of courage and a massive dose of passion to give up the security of a stable twenty year carreer to become a true professionnal painter, especially when it involves the well being of your family and particularly your wife _ for better or worse.

Yet this is exactly what Pierre GODET decided to do in 1983, with the sincere and loving support of his wife Marie-Claude. In doing so he joined the valiant cohort of the bold and committed yet realistic and attentive independent artists who grace the art of painting with their personalities and talents.

Pierre GODET settled down in the Saint Sever borough of Rouen in 1964. Reunited with his former Beaux-Arts classmate Yves Martin, an award winner of the Foundation for Vocation, he found a willing partner with which to produce his first works. Since 1967 he has expanded his pool of artistic cohorts to include Gérard Fagard, a former student of the Beaux-Arts.

The magical uncertainty of May 1968 period allowed Pierre GODET to exhibit at Pierre and Betty ROLLIN's gallery _ formerly the Boutigny Gallery _ located in Rue Ecuyère in Rouen. Then in 1977 professional and family reasons prompted him to stop exhibiting on a frequent basis, limiting himself to an exhibition at the Salon de Rouen and a number of American exhibitions, including an exceptional show which featured GODET's own work and that of his brother in law Bernard Fiess.

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